The Folly of Black Lives Protest

By Andrew FieldWhen you come down to the mix in society, different cultures are going to have preference for their own, and yes, sometimes that may result in prejudice or even perceived privilege.  Minorities probably suffer the brunt of these biases, particularly when one community fails to partially assimilate into the ways of the majority.  … Continue reading The Folly of Black Lives Protest

Western Governments bungle COVID-19

It concerns me that governments, despite all the scientific advice they receive, if any, are using the wrong logic to determine extension of lock downs. Unfortunately the general public is being kept in the dark on the true situation, and now there is a huge debate on the lack of testing (which demonstrates to me … Continue reading Western Governments bungle COVID-19

ThinkPol : Alive and well in 2018

By Andrew Field - Follow on Twitter I was humoured the other day by the Facebook thought control police (ThinkPol – Orwell in Nineteen Eighty-Four)… I wrote a sentence containing two words, “Muslim” and “kill”, and, no, it wasn’t “kill all Muslims”. I was temporarily suspended for this heinous hate crime. After being wrapped on … Continue reading ThinkPol : Alive and well in 2018