Oh Ronald. . .sorry, but you’ve got to stay behind bars

With Jack Straw having denied parole to Ronald Biggs, one of the ‘great train robbers’, and the furore which may follow, one wonders whether there are any parallels between Biggs the thief and Bernard Madoff the thief. Bernard has, as we all know, just been popped into the ‘clink‘ for 150 years and he will see his, now miserable, life out behind bars. Well so we think.
At the time that Biggs committed his crimes, society saw fit to place him in prison for, what was then deemed a sensible period of time. He escaped, fled to South America, and lived a life of some comfort, before being ‘re-captured’ and returned to serve the rest of his sentence in prison. Now the weeping hearts are suggesting Straw may be a touch on the inhumane side for not allowing Biggs his freedom.
People who follow this line of thinking need to be persuaded that we either have a criminal justice system which exerts reasonable punishment for crimes exploited against others, or we have a system which allows those who commit these nefarious deeds to enjoy the whims of those who find any form of punishment abhorrent.
How would victims feel if the same ‘weeping heart’ thinking was applied to Madoff?


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