Winter Discontent

By Andrew Field Zimbabweans seem to be hyping up for more peaceful, mass demonstrations, but it is not entirely clear what purpose they will serve.   Zimbabwe needs drastic change; mere demonstration never achieves that goal.  The reasons for the protests are now perhaps ineradicable, chiseled in stone, and understood by all.  Mass demonstrations may deliver … Continue reading Winter Discontent

Review: A Brutal State of Affairs

By Andrew Field The genesis of “A Brutal State of Affairs” lies in Henrik Ellert’s original work “Rhodesian Front War”, but it is a vastly improved work in which Henrik is co-authored by Dennis Anderson. Both men were tangled in the murky world of intelligence as operatives in Ken Flower’s Central Intelligence Organisation (as members … Continue reading Review: A Brutal State of Affairs

The Folly of Black Lives Protest

By Andrew FieldWhen you come down to the mix in society, different cultures are going to have preference for their own, and yes, sometimes that may result in prejudice or even perceived privilege.  Minorities probably suffer the brunt of these biases, particularly when one community fails to partially assimilate into the ways of the majority.  … Continue reading The Folly of Black Lives Protest